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Jessie Bennett Laws is a versatile artist with works that span across different genres.  She grew up in rural Anson County, NC.  After earning a BA from Shaw University and a M.Ed from Virginia State University.  Jessie taught elementary education in Westmoreland County for 30 years.  As a school teacher, she was known for her creative talent, but she did not tap into that art talent until she retired in 1990. 

As a newly retired school teacher, Jessie discovered she had a natural talent for painting.  Her first paintings expressed memories from her childhood.  While in Virginia she received various local and state recognition for her folk art, including: blue and bronze ribbons at local county fairs in Warsaw, VA; letters of accommodations from local civic organizations and various exhibitions, most notable at Virginia State University and Washington's birthplace in Oak Grove, VA.  Jessie generously donated art to churches, reunions, civic organizations, Shaw University Alumni, family and friends.  

Jessie later expanded her voice to modern and contemporary abstracts with the use of a variety of mediums to create texture and fluid art.  In 2016, she compiled her early works into a collection she entitled, "Once Upon a Black Experience."

Jessie currently resides in the Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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